Included in the Ship Logic system is our mobile Driver App, available for FREE from the Android Play Store. This easy-to-use and intuitive app allows drivers to receive push notifications to inform them of all newly assigned collections and deliveries to ensure that no shipment ever goes unnoticed. Due to our auto-assigning functionality, drivers don’t have to wait for their operations managers to assign collections and deliveries to them – the system does it for you! This means that collections and deliveries are handled much more efficiently, resulting in happier customers and quicker turn-around times. The app is jam-packed with nifty features that make the collection and delivery processes run as smooth as possible.

Table of Contents


Where to download the Ship Logic Driver app

To download the Ship Logic Driver app, visit the App Store found on your device.  

Search for Ship Logic Driver and tap on Install.

The app is free to download and is compatible with most Android and IOS devices.

How to sign in to the Driver app

You will receive a temporary username and password from your operations manager via Email or SMS.

Use these details to sign in to your Driver app for the first time. During the sign in process, you’ll be required to set your own new password.

Sign in with your username and temporary password.

Set your new password to complete the sign-in process.

Use your new password and continue to sign in


How to navigate the Trip sheet

Use the Trip Sheet to see ALL shipments assigned to the driver.

This view acts as a “Homepage” and will update automatically with any changes or status updates to shipments.

  • Scroll through the sheet and open tabs to view the full list of shipments 
  • Open any collection or delivery by tapping on the relevant shipment
  • Switch between a list and a map view
  • Access the quick scanner 
  • Use filters

What do the different icons on the Trip sheet mean

There are a few different icons on the Trip sheet.

Tap on an icon to access the relevant feature.

Bulk collection request

Waybill number


Navigation Menu


Refresh button

Hub related shipments

Quick Scanner

How to use the quick scanner

Open the in-app quick scanner to scan a parcel on the go. 

Tap on the scanner icon found at the bottom of the screen.

Scan parcels to:

  • Add more parcels to a shipment
  • View the waybill information
  • Update parcel statuses

Once a parcel is scanned, the relevant shipment will open and the driver will be able to manage the shipment.

Ensure that all permissions needed have been granted to the app via the Ship Logic admin portal.


How to view assigned collections and deliveries

Tap any shipment on the Trip sheet to open and view the shipment details.

Features available with collections and deliveries are:

  • Digital waybills
  • Quick & easy navigation 
  • Real-time communication
  • Up-to-date tracking 
  • Proof of delivery

How to view a shipment’s digital waybill

Open waybill information directly from the app by tapping on the waybill number to open the shipment details.

Shipment details allow a driver to see the following;

  • Waybill number, Shipment status and the chosen Service level
  • Collection details (Sender)
  • Delivery details (Receiver)
  • Parcel details

How to navigate using Google maps

Use the built-in navigation feature to find the best route for a shipment. 

Quick and easy navigation will increase overall driver and customer satisfaction by being at the right place, at the right time.

How to communicate with the sender

Drivers can communicate directly with a client via the Driver app by either phoning them or sending them a notification.

Open a collection or delivery to access these features.

Tap on the call icon to give a client a call or send an “I’m on my way” SMS to notify them of the estimated arrival time.

How to keep track of a shipment

The driver app is designed to know what the next expected tracking status should be. There is therefore no need for drivers to select the relevant tracking status every time they update a parcel.

Open a shipment and tap on Update status to change the current status of the shipment. The new status will be the next possible status available for that shipment, depending on the current status.

Every time a status is updated, the app automatically informs the client of the new status – saving valuable time and increasing customer satisfaction all around.

How to confirm a delivery

Enable your clients to simply read the One Time Pin (OTP) – which they receive via email and/or SMS – to the driver to authenticate the delivery.

Enter the OTP and tap on Confirm Delivery 

The recipient would not be able to receive their parcel without this OTP or any of the other proof of delivery methods as set out in the provider settings.

What are the different proof of delivery fallback options

Proof of delivery methods are set in the provider settings on the Ship Logic administration portal

Drivers are allowed to;

  • Enter a one time pin (OTP) – Preferred method 
  • Send the OTP to a different recipient 
  • Use fallback options

Send an OTP to a different recipient 

E.g. If the receiver is not available upon delivery but someone else is available to accept the parcel. 

Tap on “Resend pin” and fill in the name and number of the new recipient. They will receive a notification with the new OTP.

The Driver can then use this OTP to confirm the delivery.

Capture the new receiver’s details if there is no OTP available.

E.g. If the receiver is not available upon delivery and someone else needs to accept the parcel without an OTP.  

Tap on “No PIN” and capture the new receiver’s details. The required details are set out in the provider setting and can include:

  • Name & Surname
  • Mobile number
  • Department
  • Photo

Click Confirm delivery when the details have been captured.


How to access the Menu

Go back to your Trip sheet and open the menu in the top left corner of the screen.

This menu gives you access to

You will mostly use the menu to switch between your Trip sheet and the Hub mode

How to use the Hub mode

Scan parcels into the hub, or as out for delivery, directly from the driver app.

How to add more parcels to a shipment

Easily add more parcels to a shipment on collection. 

Drivers are able to add more parcels to a shipment directly via the app. 

Open a specific shipment and tap on Add parcel to access this feature.

How to reject a collection or delivery

Open a shipment on your Trip sheet and tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen to expand. Select the Reject option to reject a collection or delivery and provide a reason.

Submit your answer to complete the action.

How to log a failed collection or delivery attempt

Open a shipment on your Trip sheet and tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen to expand.

Select the Failed attempt option and provide a reason.

You can update a failed collection or delivery attempt afterwards, once the collection or delivery has been successful the second time.

Open the same shipment and tap on Update status

Select the new status from the drop-down menu and tap on Update.

How to view tracking events

Keep track of a shipment and its respective statuses by using the Tracking events feature on the app.

Open a shipment on your Trip sheet and tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen to expand.

Select the View tracking events option.


Can you create an account on the driver app?

Drivers are NOT able to create their own accounts for the app. 

The operations manager will create an account for the driver and the driver will receive an Email or SMS notification with their username and password. 

What should you do when your device is lost or stolen

In the unfortunate case that your device is lost or stolen, we ensure that your account stays safe and that your most recent events are saved.

Just re-download the Driver app from the Google Play Store onto your new device and sign back into your account.

Your data will be retrieved and you can continue using the app as before.

What to do when your Trip sheet doesn’t update or your shipments don’t appear

Missing information can be frustrating at times and disrupt your daily routine. If you realise that your Trip sheet is not updated or any of your shipments is not showing, you can do one of the following:

  1. Refresh your app by tapping on the icon.
  2. Check your filters on the Trip sheet page by tapping on the three dots .
  3. Ensure your device is connected to a network and that your mobile data is active. 


If none of the above solves the issue, you can contact your Operations Manager or the Ship Logic support team for more assistance.

What to do when your device’s camera doesn’t work

If the camera on your device is not working or available, you can manually enter the parcel reference.

Tap on the scanner icon and enter the reference at the top.

Tap on Submit to manually enter the parcel reference.