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Administration portal

With Ship Logic’s cutting edge technology, it’s never been easier to take control of your courier business. Our Administration Portal allows you to manage everything from shipments, various user roles, accounts and billing, service level and rates setup, and much more. At the heart of our software is our integrated maps feature, which makes it incredibly easy for you to define driver zones, create main and regional areas, outline locations that require a surcharge, and specify areas that are only serviced on certain days. Additionally, Ship Logic includes a wide range of provider settings that allows you to tailor our software to best suit your company’s needs.

We make your business simpler. faster. smoother.


With Google Maps integrated into our powerful software, you can easily create your own zones and assign them to different drivers, eliminating the need to integrate with external maps software. This allows the system to seamlessly auto-assign new collections and deliveries to your drivers based on the zone that the shipment address is located in, freeing up some valuable time for your operations managers to focus on problematic shipments. To make it even more exciting, these zones are completely editable in real-time and empowers you to refine your drivers’ zones or even assign a different driver to a specific area if the primary driver is unavailable for that day. This ensures that your customers’ parcels are always collected and delivered no matter what the circumstances are.

In short, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of all your drivers, the locations of all shipments and who is responsible for each shipment. If that’s not full control over your fleet, then we don’t know what is.


With our to-the-point and concise dashboard, you get an overview of the last 30 days’ shipments at your fingertips. Recognise and anticipate future shipment volumes and trends based on historic data, assisting you in preparing for future shipment loads.

Get a detailed summary of shipments that need intervention from your operations managers, helping them minimise any possible delays and reduce any errors that might occur – resulting in better customer satisfaction. All of this data is available in one view with real-time updates. It’s never been this easy to stay on top of your shipments.


With shipments at the heart of your courier business, we’ve ensured that you have a hassle-free experience when using our software. Manage problematic shipments effortlessly by changing or updating addresses and contact details to minimise any failed collection and delivery attempts, saving your company valuable time and money.

The software allows you to capture and upload images related to a shipment to better manage credibility and improve follow-up and resolution times for any issues that might come your way. To make processes even more efficient, operations managers can create their own custom filter sets based on drivers, shipment statuses and much more to streamline their future workflow.

Accounts & Billing

Using Ship Logic to manage your accounts and billing has never been this easy. The software automatically generates invoices for your clients and sends them via email so you don’t have to. This reduces manual input and simplifies processes all around. We also know that you receive many payments and could easily feel overwhelmed when matching those payments with their shipments. This is why we’ve created a feature that auto-assign those payments to the relevant accounts for you, massively reducing manual input and streamlining the whole accounting process.

Last but not least, our software allows you to individually manage your accounts based on the account type, invoice frequency and credit limits to initiate automated billing emails and communication with your clients. We call this Accounting 2.0.

Hub scanner

Improve parcel management at your hub by using our integrated hub scanner technology. Simplify your process by scanning bulk parcels as “at hub” or “out for delivery” when using the built-in hub scanner, eliminating the need for additional software to integrate with your system.

Using the built-in hub scanner, you can easily see which parcels are expected to be scanned as “at hub” or “out for delivery” per driver, significantly reducing the risk of lost parcels in your warehouse and effectively maximising your overall parcel management.

Rates & Service levels

By using Ship Logic, you can easily create various products – each with their own set of service levels – to provide your customers with a wide range of options to choose from when sending a parcel. This allows them to choose a delivery option that best suits their courier needs. 

Seamlessly maintain and update your rates at any time to reduce loss of profit due to local and international economic changes. You can also assign your customers to different groups and set out special rates for them by adjusting the rates per group or customer, effectively increasing customer satisfaction for your loyal clients.

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