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Included in the Ship Logic solution is our mobile Driver App, available for FREE from the Android Play Store. With our easy-to-use and intuitive Driver App, drivers receive push notifications to inform them of all newly assigned collections and deliveries to ensure that no shipment ever goes unnoticed. Due to our auto-assign functionality, drivers don’t have to wait for operations managers to assign collections and deliveries to them – the system does it for you! This means that collections and deliveries are handled much quicker, resulting in happier customers and quicker turn-around times. The app is jam-packed with some nifty features that make the collection and delivery process run as smooth as possible.

Free mobile app

These days there’s an app for everything, so it goes without saying that we’ll have one too. The Ship Logic Driver App is available for Android devices and is free to download from the Android Play Store. Using over-the-air updates, we ensure that your drivers’ apps are always on the latest version, saving them the trouble of managing regular app updates.

With our modern and user-friendly interface, drivers can easily download the app and sign in with their predefined user details, making it easy for you to add new drivers as your company grows. There is also no need for extensive training as the app is driver-centered and intuitive to use, and also allows them to organise their collections and deliveries according to their daily schedule. With the Ship Logic Driver App, your drivers have everything they need for successful collections and deliveries right in their pocket.

Daily trip sheet

Being organised just got a whole new meaning. Incorporated in their daily trip sheet, drivers can now see all their collections and deliveries in one single list view or they can toggle to a map view, displaying all their collections and deliveries in relation to their current location. This gives your drivers a clear overview of what their load looks like for the day, which allows for better route planning and optimisation.

Much like printed waybills that are rearranged into an order that best suits the driver’s route plan, they can also rearrange the shipments on their trip sheet into their preferred order of completion – making it easy for them to tackle the next shipment in line without having to scroll through the entire list. Empower your drivers to optimise their route planning and ensure flawless collections and deliveries.

Digital waybills

Paper waybills are now a thing of the past. Included in the Ship Logic Driver App is our revolutionary digital waybill technology. Start saving on printing costs and give back to the environment by eliminating the use of paper waybills for your shipments.

Using digital waybills also reduces the possibility of drivers losing or misplacing waybills, resulting in fewer undelivered shipments and happier clients. Go green and save the planet without affecting your daily operations.

Up-to-date tracking statuses

At Ship Logic, we take tracking statuses to the next level. Our driver app is intelligently built to know what the next expected tracking status should be, massively saving time as there is no need for your drivers to select the relevant tracking status each time they update a parcel.

Every time a status is updated, the app automatically informs the client of the new status – saving your driver valuable time and increasing customer satisfaction all around.

Real-time communication

Impress your customers with real-time communication built into the app. By using a nifty feature called “I’m on my way”, drivers can notify clients when they are nearby to reduce failed collection and delivery attempts, thus saving your drivers precious time.

We know that clients don’t always get notifications on time, so we took it a step further and incorporated an in-app calling feature where your drivers can phone clients directly from the driver app to get in touch if needed. This makes it a lot easier to get in contact with the client if the driver is lost or unable to find the client at the specified location. Increase your customer satisfaction and boost driver efficiency with effective communication.

Quick & easy navigation

Our driver app is integrated with Google Maps, allowing the driver to navigate to the next location with the click of a button. This is especially beneficial for new drivers who aren’t as familiar with their areas as more experienced drivers. The navigation button also takes the drivers to the exact location as specified by the clients, making it useful in situations where the address does not always match the intended location as accurately as it should.

No more “taking wrong turns” or “getting lost” along the way when using Ship Logic’s driver app. Increase overall driver and customer satisfaction by being at the right place, at the right time.

Proof of delivery

One word – “contactless”. That’s our motto when it comes to proof of delivery. Enable your clients to simply read the One Time Pin (OTP) – which they receive via email and/or SMS – to your driver to authenticate the delivery.

The recipient would not be able to receive their parcel without this OTP or any of the other proof of delivery methods as set out in the provider settings. This ultimately ensures that the parcel is always delivered to the correct recipient, eliminating the possibility of theft or wrongfully claimed parcels.

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To download the Ship Logic Driver App, visit the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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