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Client portal

With Ship Logic’s Client Portal, we’re placing the power in your customers’ hands. Anyone can sign up for a customer account without having to contact one of your sales representatives first, making it effortless to gain a wider customer base. Clients are in full control of their shipments with our intuitive and user-friendly interface, which allows them to effortlessly create and manage shipments, request quotes, review their account and billing, and manage additional account users – without needing any assistance from your support staff. Ship Logic’s Client Portal also supports guest checkout – allowing anyone to create shipments without having to register for an account first. This makes it easier than ever for clients to send a parcel from point A to point B – anytime, anywhere.

Shipment creation

Creating shipments shouldn’t be a daunting task. With Ship Logic, defining and selecting addresses are much more accurate due to auto-completion with geocoding, saving your drivers valuable time when trying to find the intended collection and delivery addresses.

Our software also allows clients to specify parcel dimensions and weight to provide them with the most accurate rate for that shipment, reducing client dissatisfaction due to unexpected additional charges if the dimensions and weight were incorrect. During the shipment creation process, clients are also presented with a real-time summary so they can easily keep track of all the details they have specified in case something needs to be changed or updated.

Quick quotes

The Ship Logic Client Portal allows your clients to make more informed decisions by providing a space where they can get a detailed quote for their shipment without actually having to submit the shipment. 

With our quick quotes, we request the minimum amount of information to generate a quote to ensure clients get a quote as quickly as possible. Should a client wish to proceed with the shipment booking, they can simply continue with the process without having to enter all of the information again.

Parcel tracking

Keeping clients informed of their parcel location is very important for any courier business – and, if done right, will go a long way in keeping your clients satisfied. With the click of a button, they can access real-time location data received from our Driver App, staying informed of their parcel’s status and, in the end, reducing the number of calls made to your support team if a client is out of the loop.

We know your clients will love this feature and find it very easy to use. Keep it simple and put the power in your clients’ hands with Ship Logic parcel tracking.


Communication is key. Keeping your clients informed is vital for your business and can make or break your customer satisfaction. With Ship Logic, your clients can decide which emails they would like to send to both the sender and receiver during the shipping process to keep everyone up to date. These emails are automatically sent by the system each time a shipment’s status is changed or updated, effectively eliminating the need for manual intervention. With Ship Logic’s automated communication, we handle the admin for you.

Proof of delivery

It’s said that the proof is in the pudding. Successful deliveries can only go so far, but without any proof, your customers’ satisfaction cannot be guaranteed. Our dynamic system offers a variety of proof of delivery options, from entering a One Time Pin (OTP) to capturing receiver details linked to a location, date and timestamp, to ensure that every parcel ends up in its intended owner’s hands. Your clients will never have to explain what happened to a lost or missing parcel again – we’ll have all the details to ensure the mystery is solved in no time.

Address book

Say goodbye to manually entering addresses for shipments and wasting valuable time to keep the address book updated. When sending parcels with Ship Logic, clients can enter their required destinations and the system will automatically add each new address to their personal address book. This makes it super easy for them to select an address for their repeat clients, streamlining the overall shipment creation process. They can manage and update their addresses on the go with our built-in and easy-to-navigate digital address book. It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

User management

With Ship Logic’s client portal, registered account holders can add multiple users to their account for better task distribution and delegation. A good example is adding a shop assistant to their account to create and manage shipments, while allowing the shop owner to focus on more managerial tasks and the growth of their business. Simplify your clients’ life by giving them the power to manage and include their staff.

Shipment time estimates

Time is money and we can’t waste either one of them. Ship Logic offers you detailed service levels with every shipment, each with their own specified collection and delivery time estimates. This means that your clients see more accurate collection and delivery time estimates when creating shipments – resulting in less disappointment and more satisfaction when parcels are collected and delivered on time.

Account & Billing

Ship Logic provides your clients with a space where they can easily manage their account. Give them the power to add billing information for tax purposes, change or update their account name as needed and let them add or remove users from their account. At Ship Logic, we believe transparency is key, which is why clients also have a full overview of their billing history, as well invoices and credit notes, which can be downloaded and printed at any given time.

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